Earith Parish Council

Parish Council Responsibilities List for 2023 – 2024

 Finance –                      Miss Ann Brennan,  Miss Hazel Lambert,  Mr Steve Edwards

Village Hall –                Mr Jeff Nicholls, Miss Ann Brennan

Tree Warden –             Mrs Paula Brown

Road Safety –               Mr Jeff Nicholls,  Mr Nick Tindall

Playing Fields –           Mr Keith Hudson, Mrs Paula Brown

Rights of Way –          Ms Hazel Lambert

Allotments –                 Mr Alan Spackman, Mr Nev Clements

Village Pond –              Miss Ann Brennan, Ms Hazel Lambert

Ouse Valley Way –      Mr Allan Till

Health and Safety –    The Chairman, The Clerk

Pavements, Drains & Gutters –   The Clerk, Mr Steve Edwards

Saywell Charity  –  This Trusteeship has been pinned to the post of Chairman


Hanson Liaison –                                      Mr Steve Edwards

Skeeles Representative –                        Miss Ann Brennan

HCV Group                                                Mr Nick Tindall, Mr Allan Till,