Earith Parish Council have developed some policies which help the Council to make decisions and effect how things are carried out.  You can find copies of these policies in the list of attachments below.


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Download: Earith Parish Council Complaints Procedure (18 KB) Download: EPC Safe Guarding Children and Vulnerable Adults (61 KB) Download: Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) (33 KB) Download: Management of Records Policy (19 KB) Download: Parish Council Information Guide (73 KB) Download: Statement of CIL funding 2014-2015 (20 KB) Download: EPC Media Policy (16 KB) Download: EPC Information Security Policy (20 KB) Download: EPC Personal data breach Policy (25 KB) Download: Earith Parish Council Data Protection Policy (23 KB) Download: Earith Parish Council Document Retention and Disposal Policy (62 KB) Download: Earith Parish Council Lone home Working Policy (51 KB) Download: volunteer policy adopted 6th april agenda item 15 (185 KB) Download: scanned H&S Policy (5 MB) Download: Earith Parish Council Equality and Diversity Policy approved 7th March 2019 (79 KB) Download: April 2019 Bullying and Harrassment Policy (72 KB)